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(Everything that follows is specifically related to my experiences as a software developer, using Medium in that context. Your experiences may vary. Holy sweet hell, I really hope your experiences vary. A lot.)

Medium used to be a great place to get opinion and how-to articles for a plethora things. If you were looking for a better way to do something, or some ideas you hadn’t considered, or even some detailed articles that delve into the why, not just the how, of some cool stuff, this was the place.

Some time in recent history, Medium has become the “listicles” buzzfeed…

I'm tired of men being portrayed as giant, ill-equipped-for-everything man-babies. It's like men being portrayed went from mysogynistic ass-hats in the 50s to utter dolts who can't do anything at all in the world without fucking it up and being saved by a daughter or wife. Meanwhile, most of us - a huge majority of us - are just busy getting through life without date raping, smacking women around, or being functionally retarded (the clinical term, no one's insulting anyone here).




Look, the simple truth is pretty simple: if you’ve ever said “I think that’s a compiler bug” more than one, maybe two times in your whole career, the problem is likely you, and likely NOT the compiler. Assuming you’re working on something even remotely mainstream and not some bullshit “whitespace inflection and paradigm-model-defining new compiler that only understands spaces and tabs”, or some other esoteric bullshit toy that you simply shouldn’t be wasting your time on.

We clear on that?

We all know the rule (to paraphrase), “don’t ascribe to malice that which can be more easily explained by incompetence.”

I make my living writing code. I've absolutely given away many hours and lots of IP. But it's always been my choice to do so.

I'm getting very, very sick of this notion that "information wants to be free" somehow applies to the actual research, technical design, coding, data structures, hosting and execution engines, etc., and I should just do it all for free.

Screw. That.

Look, I'm not getting into a pissing war with you. Seriously, you care about 32-bit stuff, insecure stuff, POWERPC support, really? You want freely-installed kernel extensions and applications without signing? You WANT that? (by the, you can install unsigned applications all day long by simply selecting to do so in gatekeeper)

Ok, man. Enjoy. It's all good.

… and it feels pretty good.

I’m pretty outspoke. When I see something stupid, I’m going to say it’s stupid. When I see a person saying the same stupid shit over and over again, I’m either blocking you, or telling you how stupid you’re being. Probably both if it’s like… I dunno… a Tuesday or the sky is above or there’s air.

And, when you call me a “Fucking waste of life libtard who should suck more liberal cocks until you realize Trump is STILL your president”, I’m going to tell you, unflinchingly, directly, without mitigation or pause, just how…

Similarly, I bought a baseline mini as a test (against my daily routine) and as I've mentioned, sold all my Intel hardware within days. They got it right, and this shouldn't surprise anyone, what with it growing out of years of building the iPad Pro.

You make my head hurt when you do that.
You make my head hurt when you do that.
Just think it through…

I really hate the “stop doing [whatever]” or “you’ve been doing X or Y wrong all these years” type of articles that inundate Medium’s tech space these days. Hate them. Yet, I find myself wanting to write one after just dealing with an issue in a database I inherited at my current day job, and wasting an hour of my “first thing in the morning” routine.

Let’s just call it therapy.

While I think it’s a good piece of tech knowledge based on a lot of years of practice, don’t read too much into my insistence that if you do…

I was just reading an article here on Medium by Dr. Stuart Woolley ( ) about red flags in job interviews ( ). This article really hit home with me, and if you’ll sit back and give me a moment, I’d like to tell the story of a situation I had a little while ago.

A friend and former co-worker of mine is part owner of a company. He formed this company with two other partners. My friend is an infosec expert and the business development guy. One of the other partners is the tech guy. I ran…

Chris Hornberger

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