Sit down; it’s possible you’re about to be called an idiot and I want you to actually know why. Hopefully you’re not “that guy”.

A published API is a contract with the community that they can count on.
A published API is a contract with the community that they can count on.
A published API is a contract with the community that they can count on.

“What?” Yeah, it seems a lot of people in the open source community are scratching their heads and asking, “What? What do you mean?” (I know because one developer actually asked me, “What? …

Fooled ya. It’s just a still shot.

But that’s a real cat’s ass and that’s really me, so… INTERNET FAME!

Mostly I’m just writing this to take a quick moment to a-little-bit-make-fun-of the way that every YouTube video seems to look now. There’s always a funny-faced reaction shot, always something being pointed at, and always some funny caption.

I guess that’s just the way of the world, now. Lure you in with next-level not-boring-ness and tell a story around the picture, screen shot, or thumbnail du jour. I’m not even saying it’s bad; it’s just sooooooo overused these days.


Better, as a concept, is usually only seen as the top of the pyramid, tip of the iceberg, point of the needle, etc. Whatever metaphor you throw at it, most people latch on to one or two very specific things, and if those conditions are met, the thing is considered better, and usually in a pretty narrow context.

This isn’t bad, per se; it’s just how we’re conditioned. But it‘s almost always incorrect. Cars that are more expensive are considered to be better, and most people would quietly attach ‘always’ in there somewhere. What about repair and maintenance costs? What…

Damn, if I’m not pretty quick and efficient on it, after being away from it for almost a year.

If you’ve read any of my previous… ahem… musings on Flutter, you might be aware that I generally think of it as yet another abandonware-pending system that will be crushed under its own weight, set afloat by Google and forgotten like everything else they do that isn’t tied directly to ad revenue. IMO, it’s just a matter of time before the rudderless open source community, and the corporate ADHD of Google conspire to bury Flutter under the sands of time and apathy because there’s no singular, driving focus around it. It’s kind of sad, really.

To be clear, I really…

Ah yes. The Trump charges... won't this be fun for New York, and the USA, amirite?

The problem is, there's no winning with Trump, and we all need to be able to say "Yeah, that's fine..." when we are the ones in the bullseye of his fanatical followers' ire.

If he's jailed, it'll just be "a corrupted librul" system.

If he's let off, it'll just be "see? y'all had nuthin!"

If he's not charged, it'll just be "y'all cayn't touch him cuz god made heem great!"

If he dies of natural causes, it'll just be "da good lord dun called…

Hey, authors… stop being a dick.

When you’re on a… pardon the pun… medium like Medium, there’s a certain gravitas that comes along with your words. Even if you didn’t earn it. When people come to a notable, recognizable source of information, they expect that what they read — even when they know better — will have a basis in fact and reality.

When you write a “Don’t do this thing you’re probably doing” type of article, the very first thing you’re doing is telling the reader, “Hey, you’re kind of stupid for doing that thing.” …

… and do it for the right money.

Modern software developer job listings

Looking over job apps these days is like looking at a wish list for a job written by a 4 year old. I mean, does anyone even really know what “full stack” means? To me, being that I’ve been in the business more than 28 minutes, it means everything from database and hosting code, API specs, client code, and all the glue in all those layers. Come on!

And then on top of that, I need “5+ years with DOCKER and Kubernetes and Docker, and did I mention DOCKER and the Docker…

Part 1 — the setup

I’ve built a complete system, and I’m pretty jazzed about it. Full disclosure, I’ll be doing the full production build this summer, but the various test systems have worked to expectations and beyond. #planningisessential

So what is it…? The total package I’m calling hydroPi is a water cistern control system. From rain to pressurized water at the spigot. That’s what.

Manual state of the original cistern

My wife and I are both motorcyclists, and spend a lot of our rare vacation and down time riding in the mountains in the Eastern and Southeastern United States; Great Smokey Mountains, The Appalachians, The Blue Mountains, The Adirondacks, and…

Apropos of nothing, but I figure you'd like to know anyway: if there's a doubt on the impact of the M1 against the value of Intel Macs, I'm currently working on trying to sell a 27" iMac i5 5k, 2020 model, basicallyl brand new minus a box. Currently at ~60% of price and zero takers. Meanwhile, both my M1 Minis sold in roughly 2 days at ~90% of MSRP. O_o

… as a software developer.

  1. use the phrase “code smell”. Ever. It’s fucking idiotic and if you’re smart enough to write code that doesn’t destroy the universe, then you’re smart…

Chris Hornberger

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