It might be old, but it’s rock solid and useful

My buddy handed me a stack of… let’s say ‘devices’… the other day and asked me to do what I could to speed them up, refresh them, reset them, whatever. He’s admittedly… ahem… lazy… about keeping his stuff updated and keeping them internally optimized and tidy. “It’s been years since…

Or, “Just take some time to plan it out.”

I dislike Agile. If you’ve read anything I’ve written, I’m sure it’s come up a time or two. It’s not the platonic ideal of Agile I dislike, it’s the zeal and fanaticism of it, and the absolute abhorrent responses from those…

I’m gonna cancel, I’ll cancel, I’m gonna keep my money

In a follow up to my recent article about canceling online subscriptions, I’m here again to rant about… er… explain how methods companies use to ruin the customer experience make me not want to be a customer ever again.


oy. murder is a crime of passion, of anger, and/or of mental illness. It's not a crime of "hey, so, I have this gun..." (sigh)

I have guns.

I have been very, very angry at people (notably, my ex).

I haven't killed anyone, nor come close. With or without a gun.

Access to guns does not create a murderer. The choice to murder creates a murderer.

Access to guns should be minimized for those with mental and emotional issues, and every gun owner should go through mental health screening as a part of the gun purchase process.

“Click here to subscribe. Call, get a note from your mother, and give a pint of blood to unsubscribe, if you’re very, very lucky.”

We’ve all seen it. One button to subscribe to something, and whammo, within 19 nanoseconds your credit card is charged, you’ve gotten 34 emails welcoming you…

Chris Hornberger

Arranging bits that make the magic. Occasionally grumpy optimist. Avid motorcyclist. Lover of life. Haver of the best wife ever.

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