JSON is great, but I still kinda think XML is better

What happened to my beloved XML? I guess if you really want to play with XML you can become an Android developer. So many XML files. But as a data container and transmission vehicle, I still love XML, and blaspheme as I’m wont to do, I prefer it over JSON.


JSON is great. I’m not dissing a single thing about it. It’s fine. Wonderful. Ubiquitous. To me, however, XML feels so much more complete and thought-out.

You can create an easily shared schema for your XML, and not…

I’m still not giving you the fancy title. Probably not a job, either.

Lots of people can nail an interview for a job they’re not really suited to do. There’s a real possibility you’ll fool me; I’m not a mind reader. When it comes time for the real work, you can’t fool me. I *do* have the experience, and I *will* spot the bullshit. If you’ve fooled me so far and can’t do the job, I don’t care how much we have invested in onboarding you; you’re done. You’re gone. You’re fired! …

I’m sick of what’s become of podcast apps.

I consume a *lot* of podcasts. I used to produce and host a podcast. While doing that, I guest-hosted several podcasts. Podcast consumer apps have become… a little “too”. Pick your adjective, it probably applies.

I like podcasts. What I don’t like? Streaming! It’s great for at-home stuff, or urban locales. But…

I’m a motorcyclist and sports car enthusiast (on a budget: my weapon these days is an older Miata), and a lot of my “get away and enjoy the roads” time is spent in places where a cell signal is the…

Then write lean code

My first software development job was something I found completely on a lark. I was at the computer store picking up a new computer — a generic Intel 286–12 — and got to talking to another guy there who had a small computer consultancy¹. I went to work at that computer store shortly after that, and we built and sent thousands of computers to Kuwait as part of the rebuilding efforts after Desert Storm.

During my time there, that computer programmer / consultancy guy, Tom, came in a lot to buy hardware. About 6 months later…

Aren’t we just a whiny bunch…?

Let’s lay out some assumptions.
* you’re here (hah! That one was easy)
* you’re here because you’re a developer
* you’re here because you’re a developer who uses Docker
* you’re maybe even here because you think Docker should always be free

That’s who I’ll assume is reading this. That person. Anyone else is, obviously, welcome to read along for the lolz.

I’m a professional software developer. I do this for a living. I feed my family and pay my bills, and get myself a lunch now and then because I’m using my…

Hear me out. Or don’t. We’re not scrumming about it.

You can’t swing the Git Cat around the Internet without hitting about 38712083 articles about why Agile doesn’t work this way or that way, how to “finally implement Agile the right way”, or why your Scrum Failed so Epically! There’s a lot of info about there about how it’s not working. That’s objective. We haven’t gotten anywhere near my opinions yet.

It’s exhausting. Just look here on Medium for articles about Agile failures. Not even the whole internet; just medium. You can spend weeks reading story after story — no…

They didn’t innovate the way Bob over there wanted them to.

And here we are again. If there’s one thing Apple have become accidentally amazing at doing, it’s this: creating a cyclical cycle of cyclical insanity by nutbags¹ who insist the cycle is never ending, and keep not ending it by cycling through the cyclical cycle again and again, incessantly and repeatedly. Whew! (yes, I know what I just did there!)

In a recent piece², I described why people whine about Apple and think they find their iPhones boring. I contend that most people saying these things really just suffer…

Promotional emails disguised as late notices

I got an email in my inbox this morning with the subject line:

… and I think I need to fix that.

I joined Medium after reading a lot of stuff on it for my career, software development. I commented on some stuff. I wrote a few pieces. And lately, very recently, I started doing something I really don’t like doing — reaction writing.

I started just writing about the crap going on in the world that frustrates me. Antivaxxers. Antimaskers. Republicans who support what your party has become, and as a former moderate republican, the frustrations are real as hell. Conservatives! Evangelists. Trump lovers. …

Surely someone of the Conservative persuasion wants to change my mind, here.

Surely, you men in Texas don’t have the right to make these laws, right?

I put forth a statement recently that Conservatives are just living a life of irony and self-negation, and I wanted some feedback.

I truly, honestly, openly want to hear from Conservatives, Christians, Republicans, or any outlier who supports the Texas thing. I want to know where your head is in this if you’re supporting this. I have questions. I want a dialog. I want you to tell me why.

No “devil’s advocate” ( I…

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