Years and years ago, when I was a young idealist, I spent 10, maybe 12 minutes believing in the democratization of software and the spread of this-n-that, and then I grew up, had a family to feed, and had to assign value to my time.

I have grown to absolutely despise "the open source community" as an entity. Sure, I use (rarely by my own choice) plenty of open source stuff. And having spent the last few years working on a larger-than-hoped number of Flutter projects, I've watched a subset of that community come together to form a Voltron of approaching-mediocrity tripe and bullshit.

The next person that says "You have the source, you can just fix that yourself" when I'm trying to track down fixes and work arounds to glaring, huge, gaping holes in quality, completion, and testing, might just get virtually throat punched through my screen.

I'm having a really hard time justifying ever using some of these tools and (more accurately) platforms and libraries ever again, and am seriously considering running back to my roots of a corporate gig using paid-for tools writing in-house software, where the only likely open source stuff I'll ever touch again is Git (which rocks!)

It's not even the tools and such, it's the community. Standards, consistency, and adherance to an overarching vision/plan are all fundamentally non-existent.

More of that democratized crap could really benefit from some benevelent dictatorship.

Honestly, one need only look at the foundational and then the detail-implemented differences in building an app for iOS and building one for Android to highlight the differences.

After a little over 30 years in the biz, the last 5 years since leaving the corporate developer world have truly felt like a major backslide in productivity, quality, and available minimum baseline in standards and efficacy.

I absolutely, positively, wholly know I'm in the minority in this thinking, and I'm perfectly ok with that. I really am.


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